If your organisation would like to be a member of ESRA, please contact the General Secretary of ESRA, Myrto Konstantinidou ;


 ESRA Membership Fee for 2016: 

Academic members:   €115

Professional organisations:  € 345

Commercial members:  € 575

Please transfer the requested amount to account no. 310-0932113-29 of: ESRA – European Safety and Reliability Association ING EUROPEAN BRANCH Agence Bruxelles –

Europeénne Rond-Point Schuman 5

B-1040 Bruxelles Belgium. 


From European Union member states the use of the IBAN/SWIFT codes will make transfers cheaper.

The codes for our bank are: IBAN BE26 3100 9321 1329, SWIFT BBRUBEBB.


Address for ESRA:

39 Rue des Deux Eglises,

B-1000 Brussels, BELGIUM.




Why join ESRA?

Because ESRA 

  • Believes in the noble mission of improving the safety and reliability of the components, systems, structures and services that we use and need
  • Organizes  the high-quality, yearly conference ESREL,  which:
  • offers a multidisciplinary platform of discussion and exchange of methods for and applications in safety and reliability
  • attracts an international community of scientists and practitioners
  • engages a number of highly recognized experts in the field
  • involves members and participants in sharing knowledge and experience
  • creates a familiar spirit of exchange, which values the old and the new, the mature and the young
  • Forms a number of technical committees to:
  • monitor and advance knowledge in the respective areas
  • animate discussions and exchanges on technical issues       
  •  Organizes workshops, seminars and webinars on important topics in the Field
  • Provides a network for research and practical developments


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