Risk assessment 


Risk Assessment is a term describing evaluation of sets of states and activities, which include technical and organizational features, in order to describe, characterize and/or estimate the magnitude of risk and to protect workers, the public, the environment or other values from the negative consequences of undesired events.
The objective of the Technical Committee on Risk Assessment is to develop new methods for risk assessment and risk reduction, to foster the improvement of existing methods, models and simulations, to apply and evaluate the developed methods, models and simulations in practice and to promote the related activities to the professional audience and public.
The subjects of the activities, which comprise features of the considered technologies, human contribution, and environmental aspects, include operational phases of safety-critical systems and facilities as well as their design, manufacturing and construction phases. The subjects also include broader applications of risk assessment in e.g. societal and institutional contexts. 
This Committee will also closely collaborate with other Technical Committees with the aim of integrating their research into the overall risk assessment framework. 
Marko Cepin, marko.cepin@fe.uni-lj.si
Henrik Hassel, henrik.hassel@risk.lth.se



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