System Reliability 

System Reliability deals with evaluation and optimization of reliability and performance indices of complex systems built of elements with given characteristics. It includes such tools as combinatorial and fault tree analysis, stochastic processes methods, block-diagram and network analysis methods, Bayesian networks etc.

The aim of the system reliability is to study phenomena of elements interconnection and interaction in complex system influencing the system ability to perform its task and to provide fault tolerance, protection and defense of complex system by means of proper structural design and operation management.

The purpose of this technical committee is to promote initiatives of applied research in all the cited fields, to disseminate applications and to provide a forum for discussion and experience-sharing with regards to system reliability.

The activities of the Committee, such as the organization of workshops, technical sessions and roundtables at ESREL Conferences, will be decided jointly by the participants in the Committee. 



Gregory Levitin, 


Serkan Eryilmaz,


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