Maritime and Offshore technology

The Technical Committee deals with all aspects of safety and risk related to maritime and offshore activities.  It covers aspects relating to design, construction, operation and decommissioning of offshore installations,
ships, and other maritime  infrastructures and marine systems. 
The topic areas covered by this committee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Application of risk assessment in areas of gas and oil, renewable ocean energy, green energy logistics, fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Crisis, emergency, natural hazard and disaster management in maritime and offshore applications. 
  • Cyber security in maritime safety-critical infrastructure.
  • Transport and management of dangerous and hazardous goods.
  • Safety and security assessment in logistics and supply chain management
  • Maritime casualties, accident investigation, and safety culture.
  • Maritime education and training.
  • Navigational safety.
  • Risk-based design and operation of ocean-going ships and inland waterway vessels.
  • Risk assessment and risk management of maritime engineering systems such as offshore installations, offshore wind farms, different types of ships, and port terminals.
  • Safety and security of maritime shipping.
  • Safety, security and emergency assessment in maritime transportation.
  • Safety and environment protection at sea.
  • Ship stability and seakeeping; static and dynamic stability criteria
  • Structural health monitoring; stress and fatigue analysis
  • Structural life extension for offshore installations and other large maritime infrastructures.
  • Risk and reliability centered maintenance of maritime and offshore installations.
  • Finally, the emergency planning measures to mitigate the consequences of accidents as well as safety management systems in this industry are covered by this committee.



Jin Wang,


Ingrid B. Utne and Mario Britto,

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