Structural Reliability 

Structural reliability is an important research subject with many challenging application issues. Applications cover fields such as the structures in the civil engineering area, in maritime and aeronautical engineering. The multidimensionality of the uncertainties makes computation of reliabilities or related quantities complex and time-consuming. Monte Carlo methods and the so-called first- and/or second- order reliability methods are being applied in time-invariant reliability problems. The treatment of time-invariant reliability problems is still under development, mainly due to the present non-availability of suitable general stochastic models for time-variant phenomena.

In general, rigorous analysis is too complex in practical applications and simplifications must be sought, such as in the European system of codes. But for important structures the Eurocode system even requires a full quantitative or qualitative analysis, including a systematic survey of the hazards, a development of actual load and resistance models, advanced structural analysis and quantification of the possible consequences. In this context reliability-oriented optimisation methods are being developed in order to make structures optimal with respect to performance requirements, weight, costs and benefits. Reliability methods must be integrated into the whole spectrum of design, operation rules and maintenance, and they are essential when fulfilling the sustainability requirements. 

The Technical Committee provides a connection point for practitioners and researchers in the field for discussing and developing suitable methodologies for meeting the above challenges in structural reliability analysis.  The Committee aims at organizing workshops, technical sessions and roundtables at the ESREL Conferences. 



Jana Markova,


Martin Krejsa,

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