Foundations of Risk and Reliability Assessment and Management

Foundations of risk and reliability assessment and management cover general concepts, theories, frameworks, approaches, principles methods for the understanding, assessment, management and communication of risk and reliability in a technological context. 

The objective of this Technical Committee is to: 
 • provide leadership and play an active role in advancing the foundations of risk and reliability assessment and management ;
 • facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge on the subject among practitioners, researchers, scholars, teachers;
 • encourage collaborative research on the subject;
 • exchange on subjects of educational programs in the field.

Examples of topics addressed by the Committee are: 
 • How to understand and describe risk and reliability 
 • How to understand and treat model uncertainty
 • How to treat uncertainties in risk and reliability assessments 
 • How to conceptualise and deal with black swans
 • How to use the precautionary principle in risk management 
 • How to make use of signals and warnings in risk and reliability assessments 
 • Risk analysis as a science 

It is a primary aim of the Technical Committee to stimulate papers for presentation at the ESREL conferences and publication in relevant journals.  

Synergies and collaborations will be sought with the mirror Specialty Group of the Society for Risk Analysis, which has been recently established (

Terje Aven and Enrico Zio;
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