Land Transportation

Safety and reliability are among the most important requirements on transportation systems, including passenger as well as freight transportation. Safety and reliability are critical for the successful operation of transportation networks and management of multi-modal transportation chains. 

Due to the complexity of transportation systems, their reliability is determined by manifold factors, including infrastructure, vehicles, safety and control systems, communication systems, applied technology and processes. 

High service reliability and availability under acceptable residual risk levels achieved with low life cycle costs under increasing load and stress factors are pivotal requirements on modern transportation systems. The pertinent maintenance regimes need to be foreseeable, efficient and affect operation as little as possible. Concurrently, the requirements on the capacity are increasing steadily.

The transportation of hazardous substances and combustible materials poses additional challenges on all involved stakeholders to provide adequate protection against the risks to life, property and environment. 

Recently available monitoring devices provide new opportunities for real-time control, condition-based and predictive maintenance and improved asset management of transportation systems.

The aim of the Committee is to promote initiatives of applied research in all the cited fields and to disseminate applications, having awareness that industrial and service activities, but especially the general public, achieve benefits from a strong collaboration of all the actors involved (stakeholders, university and research organisation members, local authorities). Activities of the Committee will be the organization of workshops, technical sessions and roundtables at ESREL Conferences Committee. 

Olga Fink,
Pierre Dersin,
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