Organizational factors and safety culture

The technical committee on organizational factors and safety culture provides theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions
to better understand the role of organizations and safety culture in relation to risk and safety.
The objective of this Technical Committee is to
·         advance knowledge related to organizational factors and safety culture
·         facilitate the exchange of knowledge and dialogue on the subject among scholars and practitioners
·         encourage collaborative research on the subject
Examples of topics addressed by the Committee:
·         The relationship between organizations and individual actions
·         Means to manage interorganizational relationships in a risk context
·         The concept of safety culture
·         Different types of safety culture practices (in different countries and organizations)
·         Relationship between organizational factors and safety culture
·         Means to manage safety in project networks
·         Institutional uncertainties
·         Power aspects in the context of safety culture
 The Technical Committee inspires scholars and practitioners to submit presentations to ESREL conferences and relevant journals.
Marja Ylönen,
Trond Kongsvik,


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