Risk Management 

The objective of this Technical Committee is to foster collaborative research on principles, methods, models and processes for Risk Management aligned with applications.

We consider risk management to include all the measures and activities carried out to manage risk. Managing risk involves making decisions to balance the benefits inherent in exploring opportunities on the one hand, and avoiding losses, accidents, and disasters, on the other. Risk management topics include the identification, analysis, assessment, acceptance, governance and communication of risk. We are interested in all risk aspects of concern for an organisation.

A common interest of this Committee is the role of visualisation in risk management, including visual elicitation of uncertainties, interactive graphical model building, real-time analysis of data and visual communication of risk. Special sessions are being held at the ESREL conferences and we are working towards a collection of papers on this topic under a project called "Visualisation of Risk: Principles and Practice for Management". Please contact the Committee Chair if you are interested in being involved in this project.

We encourage presentation of papers at the ESREL conferences and articles in the journal Reliability Engineering and System Safety based on all aspects of Risk Management.



Lesley Walls, lesley@mansci.strath.ac.uk


Marcelo Hazin and David Valis


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